Breaking Dawn 2

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Hi guys! What happened today?
I went to Hermes Place Polonia with my 6 of mates to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. THAT MOVIE IS BEYOND AWESOME. THE EPIC FINALE THAT WILL LIVE FOREVER. And this movie is my most favorite of The Twilight Saga. Wow Bella is a vampire now. My heart cried out when *sorry for the spoiler for those who haven't watch* Carlisle and Jasper died because the battle of Cullens and Volturi in the ending but it's totally a prank because it's just Alice vision. WTF! I almost cried out -____- then the movie closed with Bella gave Edward their memories from the beginning, all that they have been through, their wedding and more with A Thousand Years by Christina Perri playing made my goosebumps popped out. And it still does. It was just a song before I watch this movie.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Wallpaper - twilight-series Wallpaper

After finished the movie, we went to Sun Plaza and ate at XO Suki & Dim Sum. All the foods taste so good! We also met 3 of our friends from next class.
Then Jasinta speak out with her idea to chill at Matador Country, we almost lost because we have no idea where the place is lol. But Jasinta called our friendly english teacher to asked where it is then THERE! WE GOT IT! When we were at the cafe, there are some funny lads that teasing my friend because they challenge played truth or dare, i guess? And for who doesn't dare enough, will payed all the bills. I GUESS! LOL. But i don't thinks its absurd, all I think it's funny and fun.
And our last move was to Home Taste at Multatuli, Isabella's restaurant. It's name describe the food taste.

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