Study Tour 2014

11:44 PM

Last Saturday, me and some seniors from my school went to Brastagi for a study tour (which I don't understand why it was named Study Tour because we go there to have fun not to study). It's some kind of a farewell trip before we graduated actually. So I still have no idea why they called it Study Tour.

Okay, enough about the name. I had a lot of fun during this trip! All of us met at school at 7.30am at most and then we were on the road heading to Brastagi. We took a lot of pictures in the bus. Whenever we saw cameras we'll grab it and snap! More pictures! It was really fun because my friends are fun and hilarious. One time I was walking back to take pictures with my friends who sit in the back, and before i even got there I fell down the stairs (the bus is so huge it had stairs) and my friends thought I was so ashamed but I actually do not. I was in fact love the sensation of the adrenaline. It's not even that hurt because it's just a stairs with 4 ladders.

Our first stop was Taman Lumbini. It's a park with a temple in the middle. But I didn't go inside the temple which was too bad. We were so busy walking around the parks and take pictures, I guess. By the time we were tired, we stopped at a canteen to have some food and drink and then we continue the trip. The second stop which was also our last stop that day was our Villa, where we staying! So there were 2 villas for each classes (1 for boys 1 for girls). But me and some of my friends didn't stay at where we supposed to stay, we went to boys' villa and watch horror movie. Speaking of, some of the boys also took off to girls' villa because we were from different group of friends (that's why). Then after a while we watched the movie, we were called out to play some outbound games. At night, there was a stage for us to do some dancing, singing, and stuff. After we did some of that crazy stuffs we barbecued chicken, fish, meatballs, sausage and all foods that was supposed to be in a barbecue party. Well, they barbecued it. My friends and I were staying at the villa waiting for it to be done. We watched another horror movie by the way. The boys got drunk and they threw up everywhere it's so disgusting. And then we slept.

I slept only for 3 hours that day. But weird thing happened. The next day I woke up (or the next 3 hours I woke up) I feel so fresh. And then I woke my friends and we had a bath and we went to Mikie Holiday the amusement park and we rode this and that and when we rode a rollercoaster one of my friend loses his teeth which is a pity but all of us laugh at him because we couldn't help. Then we went back to the villa and had lunch and then we head back to hometown!

So that's my Study Tour story. Now let the pictures speak! PS: The pictures were chronologically in order.

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