Electro Fest Medan

8:42 PM

Electro Fest Medan took place on December 6th, 2014. Also widely known as The Glow Run 5K, the event was held at the ex Polonia International Airport (now Soewondo Air Force Base) to celebrate the world HIV/AIDS day. There was also a DJ party. My friends and I arrived at 6pm then we waited for our other friends to arrived and so it began! The run was started around 7pm and while you ran you could hear music everywhere. There were about 2000 participants, which you probably can imagine, wasn't that many for a really wide running place. So we technically just walking. I honestly didn't even realized we have finished the line until we came to the Finish line. I think it was really fun though. Some of my friends were exhausted but I didn't feel tired at all. Not until I came home, ha!

After we finished running 5 km, we came to listen to the DJ playing some musics while we jump and sing and recording and took pictures of course. At 10pm my friends want to took off to find some food which annoyed me so much because I was still enjoying the music. After we had our really late dinner I came home and they continued their night journey.

So that's my Electro Fest story.
All pictures were taken by iPhone 5/5s (because dude there's no way we took a huge camera with us while we ran)

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