Leadership Camp 1, 2015

10:24 PM

On August 29th - 30th, I went to Rapidplus Camp, Namo Sira-Sira, Sei Bingei for my college's orientation. It was a remote place deep in the forest. Ok, not actually that deep. But it's located near a rural and it's also close to forest. We also had to dress up ridiculously (see the pictures below) and we could not bring our phones! But let me tell you, it was 2 of the best days of my life.

At 5am on August 29th, which was Saturday, the new students had to gather in the campus and then we took off from there at around 7am in a bus. Luckily the boys in my bus were fun kind of people so they kept making jokes and kept the atmosphere for the whole ride in the bus fun. And then we arrived there a few hours later (we didn't keep up with the time because we also couldn't bring a watch). We put our stuffs in a place when we first arrived and we gathered in a field and do a ceremony then we start doing crazy dance lead by the committee my college hired to do the outbound/orientation. It was a freaking hot day and we have to stand in a field for so many hours (sun kissed) and then we start doing 8 challenging games. We were divided into groups with 14 people each. In the afternoon, the rain start to pour just to mock us because it only lasts for about an hour. But still thankful for it because our skin wasn't so hot anymore.

After the games, we cleaned ourselves and changed clothes then we gather again in a hall for a while. It was dark already. After the talk in the hall ended, we went to the forest to walk pass it and do another game. It was kinda scary and the road was slippery. Duh. After the walk we gather in the field and lit a campfire. Then we wait for the staff of our college to prank a student that the birthday was that day. And then we sleep in a camp.

The second day, we woke up at 5am and clean ourselves again and then changed our clothes again and do another crazy dance. Then the fun begin. We rode in a truck by standing the whole way to rafting! My most favorite part of the outbound. Then we back in the field and play flying fox! It was a short way but well okay. And then we did one last game that is try to move waters from a tip point to another tip point and then the water heaten up i don't know what and then a poster rolling up saying "TEAM=Together Everyone Achieved More".

Then we headed home. And I've gained many friends and many experiences from that camp.

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