Education Expo at Tebing Tinggi & Siantar

5:32 PM

If you guys didn't know this already, I work in the same place as where I study. So I'm currently majoring in Accounting at Eka Prasetya which is also my workplace. I'm in the marketing department to be specific. So they hire their students to promote their college which is more effective if you ask me. I had fun times working here. Because we go to a lot of places (high schools, mostly)! But It's fun all the same for me. Because I meet a lot of people, explore the places I never been to, get to know more people and also we eat in the middle of it all. And my coworkers are nice. So they don't add to my pressure.

So, on November 6th to 7th, I was going out of town for Education Expo which was held in 2 different cities at 2 different schools. The first high school I went to was F.Tandean Tebing Tinggi and then we continued to Methodist Siantar. The distance of these 2 cities was less than an hour so it took not much time for us to went straight to Siantar after we are done with the Education Expo in Tebing Tinggi. We ate a lot that day. In the night, we went karaoke to loosened a little pressure. We laugh a lot too. We always do when there are 5 of us in the same place together.

Our stand at Methodist Siantar

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