New Year Trip 2016

11:55 PM

To celebrate and welcoming the year 2016, me and some of my friends went to an amusement park in Berastagi, Mikie Holiday Funland, just to have a little fun. The pain was I had to wake up at 6 in the morning because we had to be quick in case the road was fully packed with vehicles because surely everyone wants to celebrate the new year.

By the time we were finished and decided to go home, at 6pm, we couldn't even make it out from the parking lot because the road was really really full of cars. Then we decided to have dinner and when we were finished, the car barely even moved. It was tragic. So tragic that I would never went on a road trips on new year. Just never go on a road trip in which you don't plan to stay overnight on New Year Eve or the day after that. I got home at 1am. And my whole body is screaming in pain. But it was really really fun.

I'm sorry it's mostly selfies. But here's a little video to make that up..
Please pardon the video quality :( I didn't bring my camera! Btw you can only view this video via web, if you're on mobile phone then forgive the YouTube policies for not allowing you to watch!

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