2 Days Trip to Parapat

10:09 PM

Going to Parapat for only 2 days (Dec 26th to 27th) and on holiday season is probably the worst idea we've had. Yup, that just happened to me and my coworker. We actually arranged to go there for 3 days but we had something to do on the third day so we cut the vacation short. 

First of all, we are going not according to plan. The 4 of us were supposed to gather at 8.30am but when the 3 of us have already arrived at 9am (anyway I want to say this out loud: I was the first person to arrive! HAHA), the fourth person arrived at 10.30. Of course we are running very late for the ferryboat that will take us to Samosir Island. Not to mention we also stopped for lunch and made another stop to bought snacks. It is a 4-5 hours drive from my hometown to that Island.

We were actually able to made it for the last ferry's schedule. But what we didn't calculate was how freaking crowded the people that want to cross the lake! We started to line up at around 5pm and we wait the whole time until 12pm. We arrived to the lake at 1am. God, I feel like crying for telling this story. WE WAITED FOR 8 HOURS IN THE FREAKING CAR FOR THAT FERRYBOAT. 

Well, we actually got off the car for a while to wander around, take pictures. But oh God. The struggle is real. My patience has never been more tested. 

The time when we arrived at the cottage, we were all so tired already and just went straight to sleep. Then we had a hard time waking up the next morning. We got all set at 10am and ready to start the morning. And had to take the ferryboat immediately after that to get back to the other side of the island because we were afraid what happened last night happens again! Thank God it didn't. But we didn't particularly visit any place or do anything eventually. Huge disappointment for me. I only enjoy the beautiful view and our time together I guess. Nothing else. Huh.

I managed to made a VLOG tho! Watch it in HD here:

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