New Year Trip to Kuala Lumpur

4:21 PM

Most people take pictures of the Petronas Twin Towers from the front, but I took it from behind because I'm dope. About the trip, it was actually started on January 6th, but I'd still counted that as a New Year Trip. I went to Kuala Lumpur with my 9 coworkers and the whole trip was funded (except the shopping expenses obviously) by the company we work at, Eka Prasetya Campus in celebration of the graduation committees dissolution of Eka Prasetya that took place back in December. 

Our plane took off at 12.30pm but we left for the airport at 9am because better early than late right? We had lunch at the airport, because Kuala Lumpur timezone is 1 hour preceded Medan, it was a 50 minutes flight, so we will be arrived at 2.20pm. But that's weird to think about because our stomach will still felt like at a 1.20pm time. I mean, we would be starving if we hadn't had lunch at 2.20 but our stomach didn't know that it was 2.20pm already, we wouldn't immediately be starved because transported to a place 1 hour faster than ours... ok just forget about it.

Long story short, we arrived at the apartment we booked for at 5pm and totally disappointed because pictures on internet can be deceiving. So we canceled on the apartment and moved to barely a hotel, it doesn't have an elevator and we were staying at 3rd floor :( I still remember the pain of walking up and down the stairs. Dang. And the day started at night that day. 

2 words to conclude the whole trip were: walking and shopping. I swear we were only went shopping there and did a lot of walk in order to reach the shops. The first day we went to Pavillion, Alor Food Street, the shops along Bukit Bintang streets, Fahrenheit 88. The second day we went to Sungei Wang, Petaling Street and back to Pavillion, Fahrenheit 88, and Alor Food Street. At night we randomly stumbled upon an Arabian Restaurant named The Chicken Shack and I'm madly in love with the pizzas. The third day we went to KLCC, Jamek Mosque, Sogo and back again to Sungei Wang, Pavillion, and Fahrenheit 88. But at night we again ate in an Arabian Restaurant but this one is Sahara Tent Restaurant. The foods were fantastic. I swear I'll be back to these 2 Arabian restaurants. 

The fourth day, January 9th, we woke up at 3am and headed to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, catching a 7am flight and back to reality! The downside of it all is I couldn't directly go home after arriving because we had to worked that day because it was Monday and holiday was over for the students and classes just started. So I skipped my classes because ain't nobody got time for that. Just kidding, I just need some rests. Also I spent a lot of money on shopping even though it's so satisfying but Goddamn it, Windy.

Check out the VLOG yo;

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