First Day of Grade 9

8:38 PM

Oh suck.

Today my school has officially started.
Few days before that, I went to Matahari Department Store and bought a new school shoes. I didn't take the picture, but it kinda looks like this one:

And guess what? They already ruined my first day by telling me to freaking change my shoes! You know what? WHATEVER. I won't.
My school is really overrated of making rules.
They don't allow us to use anything but black shoes.TOTALLY black. With no hint of any colors except black.

So there's ceremony like always. And there is a new guy at my class. He uses the same shoes as I am. We both are such a rebel.

My annoying old classmate is moving to Aceh so we're only 33 now.
Back to shoes issue, the only choice for me is to paint black my shoes or use the old one. First day and carrying this pressure already.
But the good news is I can meet my classmates! but the more BAD NEWS is I meet the teachers -.-
I hate this school i wish I moved to another school but my parents dont allow me D;
I'll go to this school till the graduation. it's really suck and fuck! hahaha sorry for the bad words. I'm pissed off
- No more lazy over everything! become more diligent
- Change my bad attitudes into good ones
- No more fighting. be friends with everyone

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