Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

7:02 PM

Indonesia was free from colonizers and declared the proclamation on August 17th, 1945. And we Indonesians celebrate it every August 17th simultaneously in every provinces in Indonesia.

so my school make an event of it.
there are basketball match, soccer match, chess match and many more.
I attended the chess match. I got the 2rd rank.
actually I'm sad a little part. I cried. why?
I must be the 1st rank and I failed at the final. I'm sad, so much.
but all of my friends cheer me up. so i feel so much better now.
thanks for all of ya!
I've try my best. Even if I just got the 2rd rank of chess match, it's even better that nothing at all. But I wish I can get the 1st rank :')

oh before it, my class attended the soccer match and we're failed :(
the guy basketball team from my class were failed too.
but the girl team of basketball from my class be the winner and we got the 1st rank! awesome!
we are girl but you can't underestimate us! B)

so my class just got 2 trophy. yeah better than not at all.

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