My 14th Birthday

12:00 PM

oh yeah buddy, today is my birthday!

i got surprise from my friends.
today is actually the final match of basketball, and we attended it.
because yesterday we won 6-0 point beating the neighbor class.
so today will be the last match.

at 2pm the match is about start, so all of us going downstairs.
but we have to wait till our turn.
I watch the match so exclaimed and then i realized that almost all of my friends not there.
they are going upstairs and i dont know what did they do.
so i'm just waiting here.
suddenly the moment be quiet and my friends come from the ladder and singing to me "Happy Birthday".
an I'm just like Wow thank you! I'm awkward and so excited. :D
and then they're ask me to make a wish with that candle. and then they're poke me with my birthday cake cream lol that was funny.
my wish are granted! but i forgot to make one wish.
one of my wish is my class will get 1 rank to this match and its granted!

and time is over, my class is the winner with the score 14-4.
when i'm home. my mom bought a cake to me too.

and at the night i make a wish for the second time and i make that wish that i forgot at the first time. haha
my brother take his girlfriend to celebrate my birthday party. she gave me domo kun bag! and guess what? that is part of my wishes! hahahaha so excited.
but my third wish not going happen yet. hmm waiting.
btw my bro never introduce his girlfriend with my family, this time different. i think my bro love her so much lol

Me and my bro's girlfriend

My beloved family

Make a wish

Bro with his girlfriend

i'm so happy today! it's a great birthday.
thank you so much my GOD! i love you.

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