1st semester

4:05 PM

on Monday, December 5 I'll start my 1st day at 1st semester examination at this grade!
omg i'm so scared of what my teachers's said because they said if National Test mark will be mixed from grade 8. I know if my marks aren't really good. teachers always scare us for us don't be lazy. but you know they'll never changes student mind ;) lol
and it will be held for 9 days, exactly Dec 5 - Dec 13! in this 9 days my brain will  non stop stressing and thinking! okay wish me luck for it.
you guys please pray for me that the teachers who will paying attention my class are friendly teachers, I can memorize the material as well as I can, my friends don't be stingy and share with me the answer, and the most important NO RED MARK FOR ALL SUBJECT! AMIN!
the bad news is after semester we still come school and study usually. wtf with this!
why the teachers don't just let us be free uh? suckers.

one teacher can't teach all subject so stop expecting one student can study all subject!

well for this 9 days I won't post anything here.
don't worry i'll be back after my semester over! be waiting for me guys \m/

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