Breaking Dawn 1

1:11 PM

Just went to Thambrin Plaza aka TP this noon, watched Breaking Dawn part I at 21!
you guys should watch it! I really love it. Bella got married with Edward. she is pregnant here! and he has a cute daughter. and at the end of this movie people think She's die but suddenly her lips been pink from dark red, her hair been light brown from dark brown. and the most awesome when the camera shot to her eyes, it's open and the ball-eyes is read. SHE IS A VAMPIRE! hahahaha I told you the part that I love so. for more complete just watch it! lol.

really can't wait for part II! what an awesome movie ever hahahah. part II is the last, so there's no twilight episode again after that. the story is ending :( hahaha.

and after we watched Breaking Dawn, we decided to went to Sun Plaza!
at Sun Plaza we met a lot of people we recognize!
1st time we went to Ayam Penyet Ria for having lunch and then we walked around the Plaza lmao

we're not taking any picture so i can't upload anything.


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