Doing Charity with Classmates

7:11 PM

We are donating something for orphan to ask for their prayers so we can pass National Exam! AMIN!
On Monday some of my classmates were going to Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi to contribute the victim who got in a disaster recently. and today, half of my classmate going to orphanage to donate some money, outfits, foods, etc.

When we arrived my homeroom teacher told the orphanage headmaster if we came to asking for their prayers for us, to make everything easy on our coming soon exam. After that we taking a lot picture because headmaster want the picture at the moment. and what we are doing next is playing with the kids, the boys playing football with the kids.


I know it's Sunday and you might wondering why did we use school uniform? well, our homeroom teacher asked us to. because we bring our school name so we wear that. and sorry for bad quality camera because all of us forget to bring camera so we just took using phone .____.
and it's bad when today is my bad hair day! dammit! 

After from the orphanage we went to Waroenk Steak and Shake to have lunch! hahahaha and after that Tika bring my friends home, at the last me and Selly follow to Atika house :D we bought snack and blablabla I follow Selly for her house. LOL her dog is really noise -,- bark as always. awhile time agho my bro fetch me home and mom told me that we gonna go out again for having dinner and for buy my bro college book. 
WOHOOOO LOLLL. we going to cambridge and eaten at nelayan. when we finished it, we goes to gramedia, bro didn't got what he look for, but I found what i didn't look for! LOL bought new novels Summer In Seoul. i know it a old story but i haven't read -,- 

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