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This gonna be my busiest month, on March 5 - 10 I held my final exam. Faster than others class because I'm graduate class. the matter is the materials for the exam is THE TOPIC FROM GRADE 7 UNTIL GRADE 9! this is make me upset. why this country have to force the student so study so hard? that doesn't even make us more clever. it's make us cheating! -__________-
and on April 23 - 26, this is the final of ALL. the NATIONAL EXAM is begin. but the good news, start on April 27 until i don't know when exactly I AM FREEEEEEE! no school, no class, no teachers, no books and nooooo everything that messed up my minds! :D this is the holiday begin.
wohooooo. and I'll be attends a farewell party. that's pretty cool! but now my class still confuse of what we gonna perform on that farewell party ._______.

I hope I have friends who are more better than this middle school. at the high school, I wish for better persons. that could appreciate me! not those person who just look for me when they in need. and got me feeling like i'm nothing when they think i'm not useful. wowwwww nice! whatever. and I wish I could change my behavior into a good ones! and leave all the bad things. just wish me luck!

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