Novels freak

7:59 PM

I recently spend most of my time reading novels!

Most of novels that I was reading wrote by an author in my country, local. The story is so unpredictable. And it's is amazing! I loved it so much! Those novels by Ilana Tan are REALLY AMAZING. 3 of them had happy endings and 2 had sad endings that might could make you cry as how my friend did. 
another novel that I read was Sunshine Becomes You, the author is Ilana Tan too. but this is her new release novel! here I show you the cover below. I borrow this novels from a junior. i know her friend, and her friend  introduce her to me said that she is a novel lover who has a lot of novel LOL that is interesting.

and blablabla we talking about novel again and she offer me another great novel. but this one's author is foreign. I read the cover which saying that this novel is greater than Twilight. I know you guys certainly know Twilight. so this novel are titled HALO. there are 3 books of this series but I just read the first one. I hope I can read that another 2 books. But however i still think twilight is better though.

So after i finished with these novels, i'll look for another novel. wow i think i really love to reading now.

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