The last day memories

9:53 PM

On 2009, at room 28, class VII-c, the beginning of everything. The very first time all of us met and start everything. The last 3 years memories was really beautiful. Now everything just gonna be the memories. Thanks for filled my days with those bitter sweet memories. All the laugh we made, the fight, the dirty mind, when we tease teacher, the punishment, the moment when we are together and everything I can't told you by. Will never ever be forgotten by me! Yes, all of you. Every single things that we did. All will be memorize in my heart forever. You all will stay there forever :)x

3 days more until our National Exam! we have planned to taking pictures for the memories due to the last day we are staying together at our class :( will miss everything. Here's are today picture! will post tomorrow pictures tomorrow because it's not taken yet! LOL. Actually there's sooooo many pictures but I just posted the main. hehe wait for tomorrow pictures, will coming soon (;

My classmate! XLD



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