First Experience at Jogging

10:46 PM

It's been a long time since the last time I do sport. And I didn't even ever in my life did a jog before. So it make my body really ache because today I did a lot of sports. Selly asked us to go to her uncle house at Royal Sumatera, to jog and swim and stuff. We planned to be picked up at 5AM but plan is just plan. there's some of us which woke lately! so we all been pick up at 6AM and arrived there when the sun is rising.
After arrived we got Selly's uncle house to placed all of our goods. Then we started to walk, I mean jogging along the golf field. I love the fresh air in the morning. and the green view along our path. really beautiful. Did I mention love nature? and don't question me, of course we took picture along the way. lol

well yeah I know the pic's quality is bad due we didn't bring camera. so we took it through the phone. 
after the long walking, we reach home and having the breakfast. then the next step is swimming at this house swim pool! the good news I can swim now. yeayy so excited but the bad news there's TOO MUCH chlorine at the water! ggrrrr and my hair get hard a couple days -___- but we really having fun today!

and at the last we were ride bicycle along the mansion way! I really felt the nature air. there's all green along the way. my foot get really really ache. I can call today "FUN TIRING" day. I enjoy it. and the worst news of those all is I lost my memory card the way when Selly's grandma drove us home. I was really miserable but nothing I could do.

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