Sweet Sixteen

10:15 PM

August 13th, 2013: I'm turning 16! Is that good or bad?
First, when I was younger, I really loved the thought of growing up. I loved birthdays, I think I still do though. But it changes a little bit. I hate growing old. Maybe because I think we all have the best time in our lives as a teenager, if i'm not mistaken? We are not binding to anything (beside school).
Second, the best part about birthdays is presents and surprises! Yeayy I love that still.
Third, I'm gonna share few things that happened on my 16th birthday.
So my dad gave me an Alexandre Christie golden watch which has 3 extra colors of leather straps.
On August 15th, a friend of my brother came to home and send me a package of a Zara bag.
And on August 16th, which is today, I have started school and I came late. Well, punishment. So when I was done with that I get into class and saw a doll and a backpack on my seat. Later I found out those are gifts from my friends! 

And here's the advertisement from the company of the watch I own which I would like to show you guys!

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