Summer 2013

8:45 PM

Another ordinary holiday which means STAY IN THE HOMETOWN. Duh
The title said Summer but we don't have summer actually, in my country. But what those Americans or Westerns do or celebrate become international so yeah it's summer lol
But I'm not that boring though. Because I had prepared to save as many snacks as I could so when it goes to boredom, BAMMM! Food.
Anyway I bought this book recently, Looking For Alaska by John Green. I LOVE THIS BOOK. VERY RECOMMENDED! It's just so many things happens beyond my expectation. It's awesome though it has some dirty scene ugh. Whatever. But one more wishlist checked anyway! 

Oh and um I took my school report on June 22nd, now I'm officially up to 11th grade. Which means next year is my senior year. Excitement mixed with sadness. FYI: I take the social class.


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