Sweet Seventeen

4:22 PM

Here comes the day that I've been waiting for so long. On August 13th 2014 I'm turning 17! When I was younger, I've always looking forward to my 17th birthday because turning 17 means a lot of things in my country. It's the legal year. Now I can do a lot of things that I'm not allowed to do before. I mean we, Indonesians, are always excited for our 17th birthday and we like to plan things. Like what will you do after you turned 17. I think I'm one of those people.

I want to thank all my friends for being awesome, for the greetings, for the sweet wishes, for the surprises, for coming to my birthday party, for the gifts and for making me mad! Yes I mean it--mad. One of my friends wanted to make me feel bad by saying she cannot attend my birthday party because this and that and her reasons are so logical which I almost believe her but I know better anyway! You can't fool me!

I want to thank my friend Ulfa for came to my house on my birthday just to surprise me. She gave me a cake that is so yummy and a beautiful long pink dress she wanted me to use for my birthday party but unfortunately I have bought a dress long time ago for this occasion. She thought I haven't bought a dress. I don't blame you my friend.

Like I said, I had my birthday party and it's on Friday, August 15th at Pizza Hut. It was such a memorable night. I'm so happy. I didn't want to make something too huge because I like things just to be simple but great. That's why I'm just invited around 40 people but only 30 that came! :( But I'm happy and thanks to you for making it special!

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