Unwrapping My 17th Birthday Gifts

7:12 PM

One of the things that I'm always excited to do is opening gifts. That sound when you tore open paper gifts? Precious. So I decided to do a post about my birthday gifts. Because another reason I'm posting it is I don't know what else to post and I've been so rare to post something here. So I think it's something interesting enough to post?

I got 2 watches, 2 clothes, a skirt, a big doll, a very long dress, a necklace, a sunglasses, a book, shoes, money (from the family of course), a trash can (ha), and that's all I can remember and that's all I think? Though I didn't take pictures of all my gifts. Just some that I think interesting enough to post lol what.
Am I cool yet

Like I said, there's a lot more that I didn't show in this post. Those are some of my favorites. (Plus that very long dress that I forgot to take a picture of!). But my most favorite is... The Shadowhunter's Codex! That book is life. Thanks to my friends who know me well enough to know that I've been wanting that book for so long. It's so beautiful from the physical to the story (Um it's actually not a story, it's a guide book to the Shadowhunters World aka my favorite set of place in a story ever). And it's a hardcover and the cover is soft and OMG it's so beautiful. Here I want to show you some parts of the book that is so gorgeous!

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