Diversity Festival of Colors 2016

4:37 PM

Diversity is a festival where there are colorful powders everywhere you turn, musics and DJ. Each of us got a hold of a package of one color only. You can never guess what color you might get. So first we have to walk the route they gave us, and there you can see everyone throw the colorful powder, and it smells like a rotten egg. And when you finished the walk, there are the DJ! Ready to shower you with music and make you wanna dance.

This was the second Diversity that Morph EP held. And from what I hear, isn't as good as the first one. I didn't go to the event last year so I can't do a comparison. But rating the event alone, I don't really get the festival feels. Probably because of the rain just before the event started that makes the whole field muddy. Could also because they don't guide us so we didn't know what are we supposed to do, the whole thing is disorderly. And I don't like the venue. Doesn't give me the festival vibes at all. There's a waterboom, but it's so dirty (the water color is green).

My favorite performance is by DJ Yasmin! Even though I went to this festival to see Al Ghazali but well, DJ Yasmin is much better than him! (I'm sorry Al, you're cute though! Lol.)

But anyway, follow me on my journey by watching my VLOG!

And here's so pictures.

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