Leo Club Medan Eka Prasetya Fellowship to Berastagi

7:36 PM

The national holiday on May 5th to 6th gave us an idea to do a fellowship out of the city while having fun together. Too bad that was on Thursday and Friday, and some of us still need to get back to work on Saturday, which shorten the trip that could be longer.

There were 16 of us. We went by a bus and we were supposed to be on our way at 5am but things happened, we delayed 2 hours. The party still going.

Our first stop is the villa to unpacked our things. Then we walked to a theme park, Mikie Holiday Funland, which was just across the villa. This is where the bad luck started. I was just on the second rides when it started raining. For me personally, I would've waited for the rain to stop and continue the rides, but my friends don't think so. All of us get back to the villa through the rain because they think we couldn't continue it anymore, because waiting there would be pointless. I was so disappointed. I haven't even ride Tsunami, my favorite, and yet i have to end this journey in the theme park.

Not to mention we didn't go anywhere else afterwards. We stayed in the villa the whole day. That was so dull and boring. The boys play cards. The girls? Duh. In the evening we barbecued sausage and meatballs while frying chicken wings, nuggets and french fries. And then we drink and go to sleep.

I had a good 6 hours of sleep and I was the first one to wake up. That morning we went to a traditional market. I got myself a cardigan and a tank top. After that, we went back to villa and packed our things ready to check out. When we were on our way to a cow livestock, some drivers told us it was stuck there so a lot of people go back, bad luck. And we can't even find a strawberry farm with the strawberries available to be harvested. So yep. Worst trip ever. But there were also some fun, so it's okay.

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