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August 13th, last Saturday, I turn 19! That means, this will be my last year being a teenager. I remember how excited I was whenever my birth month is coming, always excited to get older. And now that I'm older, I just want to stay young forever. But getting gifts, surprises and greetings will always be my favorite part about birthday. Getting older was my favorite part about birthday, not anymore tho. Ha.

The morning when I woke up that day, my phone had already filled with "happy birthday!". One of my colleagues called in midnighr but I was asleep already. So I count my mom as the first to say happy birthday, because she was the one who woke me up, lol. And then my dad, my brother. And so on and on.

When I was at my office at 12am, I saw a movement in the front door (FYI, the front door of my office is all glasses, aka see through), guess who was it that I spot? My friends, giving me surprises, one coming from their home and one from their office, And brought me donuts, and make me put on a ridiculous birthday hat (as seen on top).

On Monday, which was 2 days after my birthday, is one of my colleagues' birthday. My other colleague, giving us a cake, So it was like a belated cake for me.

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