Gojek Electric Festival with DJ Freya

11:45 AM

Night 5K run filled with UV paint and neon lights, with a good vibe of DJ music, all set in the latest Gojek Electric Festival that stormed Medan city recently on March 4th. And I was happily part it.

The event started off with a whoomp! By whoomp I mean a very heavy rain which unfortunately damp the whole spot of the location. Thank God we got a professional EO that could handle it and keep the party going! Weeeee! Well, even though I didn't keep up with the run because I was in registration section, I really enjoy the great music and the vibe of my surroundings. Music performance were by DJ Eka Wangsa, DJ Debby Kennedy and DJ Freya. (A little FYI, DJ Freya is the sister of more well-known DJ Yasmin).

Anyway, here's are some photos I took (couldn't take a lot because I couldn't wander around). But if you want to see more professional taken pictures, head over http://bit.ly/lovaxgojek17

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