Hymn for the Weekend

4:11 PM

Last Sunday I went to a nice restaurant with a huge field with all these cool stuffs, It is located at Medan - Tanjung Morawa KM 12.5, or you could just search "Budaya Resto" on your Google Maps. Besides the really large place which is more likely to be a field than a restaurant, the food tastes damn good (precisely the seafood.)! This is actually my second time going here, but the first time I enjoy the mini theme park (because I was in hurry the first time). Yup, you read it right, there is a mini theme park in it! 

Not literally "inside" the restaurant, but it is within the same area. There's these cool ATV, bikes, scooter, and so many more you can rent to play. Ugh, I wish it was a one-pay--for-all but no, you pay each time you wanna play these things. I personally went there for all those cool stuffs, too bad I only rent for 2 vehicles because now that I realize, I shouldn't have went there when the sun shone so bright. I was sweating hard. So I decided to leave quickly before I could try them all.

Now after I see my pictures, I realize I should've taken more. The place is really pretty. But these was all I took.

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