Another Kuala Lumpur Trip in 2017

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Going back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the second time this year with my 2 best friends! This time we explore even more places I didn't get a chance to earlier this year. It was all very fun but it started off with a delay flight, lost my sim card in between, and ended up almost missing our flight. Here goes the story.

Anyway here's a little peak of what we were wearing throughout the trip.

So like I said, the trip was started off with a delayed flight. But it was less than an hour so it's no biggie. We landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1 and FYI, if you booked a flight from Malaysia Airlines, you'll land in the old airport. But if you take Air Asia you'll land at the newest building, Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2. An information I learned after looking for Garrett Popcorn in the airport and couldn't find it so I google it and turns out it was located at KLIA2. Which was impossible for us to walk. It was 2km away!

We were staying at Hotel Transit, located at 42, Jalan Pudu, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now I'll spill the secret; it was a very nice yet affordable hotel! Moreover if you're traveling on budget and looking for a nice hotel with friendly staff, this one's for you! The room's clean, the bathroom's clean, it got a hot shower, a wardrobe. And each day we asked for room cleaning, they gave us mineral waters again and again. Here's the fun thing: it was a 3 star hotel! Even my friend didn't believe me when I told her that at first. And I can't shake the fact that they actually fulfill my request to stay in a room with a wide window open to pretty view. Very nice of them. Another hand crossed. I did my booking from, it was a good idea. The process was so easy. And you pay at the hotel. Hotel Transit is a 500m far to Petaling Street Flea Market, another 200m to Central Market, and 5 minutes walk to the famous Alor Street. 

That day we had our lunch at The Chicken Shack, they serves the best pizza and pasta (sadly my friends didn't think so lol). We had dinner at Connoisseurs Cafe just in front of Fahrenheit 88 mall. The foods here are also good. But anyway for the first day we only spent the day walking around the malls in Bukit Bintang (Pavillion, Fahrenheit 88, Sungei Wang, Lot 10, etc) and obviously did some shopping.

Moving on to Day 2. we spent the whole day (10am to 6pm) at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. First we had breakfast at Anuja Restaurant which was near the hotel and serves the worst food ever (at least the ones we ordered). Then we go straight to Sunway Lagoon by Grabcar. Here's a little spoiler: we ordered a lot of Grab throughout the trip. I know we should've went around by bus or train, but we were too lazy to find out. I actually did a lot of planning before the trip. If only we go to the places we first planned to, the cost of the transportation will be so much lower. Because I already made some research and notes. But oh well. Here's a little tip: when you travel to a foreign place, always plan your trip far before the trip (applicable if you don't use a tour guide) and actually stick to the plan. 

Let's talk about Sunway Lagoon. It was a huge theme park which there's no way you can enjoy them all in a day. They have Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Scream Park, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Extreme Park and Water Park. For entry, you only need to buy an entrance ticket to all attractions and rides (except G-Force, Bungee Jumping, and Go-Kart). I bought my tickets from for around RM 120/person, which is a good deal because when I arrived at the place they sell it at RM 170! We saved RM 50! The only downside there is you can't carry around bags. Because if you want to went for any ride, they don't want to see you carry any bags or else you are prohibited to enter and they don't provide any area for you to place your bags. You'll need to rent a locker for RM 22 (medium; fit 3 bags) and RM 43 (large; fit 5 bags). Meaning; use any clothes with pockets (for your phone and cash) and you're all set. Well, you still have to rent a locker though. Because where else do you want to put all your swimming clothes?

Of course, we were most excited about the Water Park. And another tip: DON'T RENT ANY FLOAT if you only go for the slides. Unless you want to chill by the pool doing barely anything except chilling. The slides section in the Water Park has already provided float for you to lend. Me and my friends were stupidly, recklessly never want to ask, that's another tip again guys; always asks people anything you need to know! NEVER HESITATE. Or you'll be just like us who spend RM 16 for nothing and literally nothing. And ugh, my foots were sore for walking around barefoot (this happened because we didn't bring sandals. Morons). The highlight is, besides all the fun and rushing adrenaline obviously, I got to talk to some hot guy on a queue to the slides. He was nice and cute. Oh I wish we could've meet again. 

Me and one of my friends also went for Go Kart (RM 22 for a single seat), we learn to be Katniss Everdeen but totally failed with the bow and arrow, went for flying fox, visited the animals to say hi and take their pictures, And many many more I can't mention each of them.

Now let's talk about the interesting third day. Early in the morning we had our breakfast at Burger King which was around 700m walk from our hotel. There, some lunatic came to our table asking for penny, of course we said no. He scared the shit out of us enough. After that we decided to hang around Central Market before going to IOI City Mall to play ice skating because it was still early. But shit happened. 

First of all, Central Market was supposed to be very close to our current location but we were confused for quite some time of the streets. We walked while looking at our phone for waze and google maps but still confused. And that's when we see that lunatic from Burger King was following us, then we decided to walk back and hide in some drugstore named Watsons. Not so long after that, after making sure he's gone already, we walked a long way and still not enlighten so we decided to ask people for the way and turned out it was damn close and we were supposed to just walk straight from where we were but instead we took we farthest way possible. 

I like Central Market better compared to Petaling Street Flea Market. If you had to choose only 1 place to go between the two, I'd say go for Central Market. First, Central Market has a building with AC in every corner which was heaven if you know the weather there, moreover if you decided to go here in a sunny day. It is described as "cultural heritage site with restored art deco facade offering shopping, eateries & an outdoor stage." and it felt true to me.

And because it was a very hot day and we shopped a little bit (meaning we carried a lot of bags), we decided to go back to hotel to dropped off our things and cool down a bit before continued our journey of the day to IOI City Mall. Such a bad decision to make. When we arrived at IOI City Mall it was around 2 pm but my friend decided to look around the mall first before play the ice skating. Another bad decision. By the time we finished everything and finally decided to play ice skating, it was 3.30 already. AND we had a plan to Aquaria KLCC after ice skating. It closed at 8pm. So we play until 5pm. It was a very short time and I was really really not satisfied because I was just beginning to be able to ice skate. But we had to go back to visit Aquaria KLCC. BUT before that of course we had to had a meal first. Long story short we arrived at KLCC at 7.30 and the security told us it was about to closed already. I just... so f*cking pissed. If only we actually think through about it, we could've spent all day at the rink. Such a day of bad decisions. If didn't stop there.

After hanging around at KLCC for a bit we decided to go to Fuego Cafe at Troika Sky Dining, which was our last stop for the day. We tried  to order a Grabcar but freaking Grabcar didn't want to take the order. So we had to walk there. God we were so pissed and exhausted already. And we had to walk. We had already missed Aquaria so we couldn't missed this one too. So we walked. All sweat. To an elite dining place. Turned out Fuego is full and had no table left. The girl there recommended other place, now let me introduce to you: Claret. We were the first one there. Maybe because of that they kinda expected  much of us. When we only order 2 drinks (because my other friend's stomach wasn't very friendly that night she didn't want to drink). We casually taking pictures but I can feel them staring at us and smiling and whispering for I don't know what reason. Probably because everyone else there ordered a lot of drinks and didn't take any pictures. When my friend with the stomach problem decided to order a juice instead because well, she had to order something right? The waiters told us they didn't serve juice at that time and gave her mineral water. I don't know if he's being nice or looking down on us, I guess the last one with all those behaviors they showed. But for that reason enough making us felt uncomfortable so we left faster than we were supposed to. 

Now onto the last day. We were here for only half the day. We had a 3pm flight, so we had to be on our way by 12am. We had our breakfast in the hotel, bought some snacks from 7-Eleven. Then we were off to the airport. Oh something interesting happened again. We almost, very close, to miss our flight. We were the last ones to boarding. The door closed at the exact time we were just inside the plane. That was very close, my friend.

Now I'm sure you guys want to see the live-action motion pictures #lolwhat of what my trip was like after that long describing and pictures showing. So here, I present you all my VLOG! Enjoy!

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