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7:24 PM

"Smile when you remember me, because I really miss you.
cry when you miss me, because I wasn't beside you.
and close your beautiful eyes, because you will feels close to me, because I have in your heart forever.
There was nothing left to me, except the happiest memories with you.
with the beautiful eyes, I could see the beauty love.
the beautiful eyes that used to be mine, those all feels far away left me now.
life feels so empty without you. heart, love and my miss are yours. 
your love will never free.
How could I fly to seek another love if my wings have already broke because of you.
you love will stay here with me, till the end of my life. 
and after death, till the hand of God fused us again.
How the heart has been captivated by the figure of shine in the darkness.
which has turned my lights dim,
but can't shine and warm my real feelings.
I can never find another love except your love.
because they can't match the figure of yourself in my soul.
you never been replaced, like shard of metals, the silence, loneliness and sadness.
now I have lost you."

I got a text like this from someone...
What do you think it means?

That's actually a rhetorical question. I just think it's sweet.

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