Screw you

8:17 PM

I went to Sonya's house this evening after my the classes are over. she ask me and my friends to visit her house, so we came. we played around, having fun, taking pictures and many more.

Here's I show you some of them

Atika, Selly and Vinalia left her house first. and after a few minutes Evelyn and Vinna gone to their homes too. Then the last remaining are me and Merlin. and after hours my mom fetch us and sent Merlin to her house because our house is just within a few km.
and guess whattttttt?! kidnappers following us, when we were on our way home i remember i left my bag in Sonya's house and we walked to get it back because my mom won't return back the car x_____x
so when we are walking back to my car we saw a car which Merlin thought that it was her mom's because the car was same with hers. at the car there are 3 guys and she get doubt. lol but its okay Merlin run away so she's safe. 

btw my town got earthquake last night. horrible x_____x
God bless us. Gos bless the world, Amin.

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