You're nothing

8:55 PM

Fuck those people that have been reject me.
People make mistakes. None of them has never make mistakes, and so do I.
I make a lot of mistakes and I realized that.
But those people that won't forgive me? I don't care.
Your close friends are your biggest enemies. Don't believe? hmm whatever. I know that feeling now.
Your friends will talk behind you if you make mistake and won't told you. 
They'll go away from you and leave you, even they used to be your best friends.

But behind those shit, there will always people that love you, care about you, think of you all day long like you're the melody.
Never ever leave the person that love you, if you don't love them just be friend. It can even make them happy. 
But please, don't love a person too deep. When they leave you, your world will ruined when you have falling too deep.

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