High school

9:08 PM

I'm officially off to high school! it's the second day of school and the last day of MOS or the student orientation. all the teacher did was so bored. because they just tell us all the school terms and conditions while i have been more than 8 years at this school! enormously boring.
So i'll tell you about my new class. I enter the C class, i thought there will be many fun teacher there but i was wrong. we got some dreadful ruthless teachers. there are 41 people in my new class, half are new students and the others half were my middle school classmate. and my class is at the 4th floor! there's no lift at this school, imagine i'll go up and down stairs EVERYDAY!
so many new subject in this high school. i'm so afraid it has no space to relax because i'll be busying with study all day long! don't you think this is so horrible?.
I sit at the third seat from front which means it's close to teacher seat! i don't want to sit there actually. me and my friends were planning to sit in great seat but in the first day we came late and so people choose that place -___-

So you guys want to see me dress up in my new uniform? here you go! :p

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