My 15th Birthday

1:00 PM

August 13, 2012: I'm turning 15 today! I feel so blessed. got so many greets and wishes from my friends and family.

I wish my candle-wishes come true soon! i wish for several things before blow the candle. lol
btw i was getting haircut on Saturday. some of my friends said it was better than before but some of them like my old hair. ah i think it's because of my bang make me look like an idiot -.- and it's annoy me so much when they were keep telling me my hair look like shit and when i change my hairstyle and they keep telling me blablabla too. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE.

so i have dinner out tonight with my family at Lembur Kuring to celebrate my birthday! :D

with my crazy bro!
honestly it's not really special birthday if being compared with my another birthday! :/
but its okay, i just wish i get what i wishes. AMIN

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