Union Jack

10:02 PM

It's not a boring holiday because I'm gonna miss it! Unfortunately my class will start on Monday -_-
And because I have nothing to do and I love this country, so I draw UK flag in a piece of paper, and taking pictures of them with my new haircut. I have bangs now. look at these pictures! what do you think?
Most of my favorite movies and actor/actress are from England. And I am that movie-geek who spending a lot of my times watching movies. British is awesome. London is their capital city. I love the Big Ben clock, the symbol of London. I guess? I guess not.
Btw it's not that easy, because it has complicated indentation and the red ink was run out when I about to finish the picture! but after a moment it run out, I could use it again. weird? i know!
But that's not the point, the point is I love this country.

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