Filming Project

5:22 PM

I woke up at 7.30am today, on Sunday, due to a project that should be finished by me and my classmates that is filming a video clip (unfortunately I'm not playing the role). We were filming it at Royal Sumatera Residence. Not sure what am I doing during this filming actually. Because I'm just walking back and forth, took pictures, riding a bicycle, and others unnecessary things. But I'm having fun anyway!

In fact the teacher told us we have to formed a group for this project, so there are 11 of us. 3 of us playing the role, 1 of us recording the video, 4 of us arrange the scene (including the cameraman and the actors), and i'm one of the 5 of us who are doing not pretty much.

Oh and the video hasn't done editing so I will just post some pictures okay.
Here you go

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