Here's To Never Growing Up!

10:57 PM

Time is a funny thing: its passage almost always leads to the gradual loss of youth and alteration of physical features. We use the word "almost," however, because the cruel boundaries of time have not made the slightest of impacts on the appearance of Avril Lavigne, who is 28 years old but looks exactly identical to her 17-year-old self in the music video to her fittingly titled new single, "Here's To Never Growing Up."

May 14, 2013 will mark 11 years since Avril Lavigne first burst onto the scene with her skateboard and thrift-shop tie, asking why you had to go and make things so "Complicated".

In the new clip, a raccoon-eyed Avril Lavigne performs at a high school prom, singing about getting drunk, falling in love, and belting out Radiohead at the top of her lungs; all standard fare for any pop song. It's at the 2 minute mark, though, where things take a rather depressing turn down memory lane.

Ostensibly, the video finds Lavigne, her sullen backing band and a ton of eye makeup performing "Here's To Never Growing Up" at a high school prom. There are some cool details in the first half of the video, Avril's wearing a Radiohead tee! The drummer has an eyepatch for some reason! and of course, "Here's To Never Growing Up" remains a endlessly repayable, gloriously messy, Kroeger-assisted summer jam.

But then, at the 2:06 mark, something extraordinary happens: Lavigne wear the white tee, black shorts and necktie and skateboards through an empty high school hallway, as a visual homage to the music video for her 2002 breakthrough single "Complicated". 


Again, the "Complicated" video was made 11 years ago and aside from her newly lightened locka, Avril Lavigne looks mind-bogglingly similar to her teenage self.


Whoa to Avril Lavigne for flipping off the space time Continuum and never truly growing up.


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