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I feel like I have abandoned my blog. Because of my schedule and I don't know what to post. And my life isn't really interesting recently. Ha. But I'll always find time to post anyway.

Last month has been so intense. You know, school is always the reason. I never stop writing all day long literally. I have never got assignments this much. IT'S TOO MUCH. I don't know what is the teachers goals of doing that but they really pissed me off. Today is actually my first day of semester test. I supposed to study right now but I force myself to post this one! Haha
Holiday start on June 13th yayyyyy!

So last Sunday my family (me, bro, mom, dad) were celebrating my dad's 47th birthday which actually on May 31st. Lunch at Nelayan, Cambridge and Dinner at Kalasan. But we went to my grandma's in between. Just to wait until dinner! Cool, isn't it

I actually wore sneakers. That high heels is my mom's haha!

Best doughnut in town!

My 9-years-old and 2-years-old cousins

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