I am Divergent. I can't be controlled.

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I went to watch Divergent yesterday and so overwhelmed by excitement because I've been waiting for this movie for 2 years! I'm proud to say that I've been a fan of the book long time ago before I even know there will be a movie. The movie plot stick exactly like the book and it does AMAZING! A few minor changes but they could be easy to be looked over because it didn't really step away from the book.

It's one of the best book to movie adaption I have ever seen! And the casts were perfect! Shailene Woodley is a total badass and fierce as Tris. Peter is so intimidating but forgive me because I love him. Miles Teller did an awesome job as Peter there. I also love Kate Winslet as Jeanine so much! And Four, Al, Will, Christina, Eric, Tori, Caleb, Natalie, Andrew, I LOVE ALL OF THEM! Though I'm so sad that they deleted Uriah character from the movie.

My favorite scenes are when dauntless jump off a train and when they were running together. SWOON! And the scene in the control room scene where Tris did a little something to Jeanine is also my favorite, she's so badass there! Also, did anyone notice Veronica Roth in zipline scene? I can't myself from the goosebumps throughout the movie! I could make sure that the room weather has nothing to do with it. I even accidentally touched my friend's skin and she did too! We can't stop talking and fangirling throughout the movie. We were about to swoon. I planned to watch the movie again for a hundred times to satisfied my lust. I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WANNA CRY OF THE AWESOMENESS AND BY HOW PERFECT IT IS. I can't wait for Insurgent! Oh they even already have the release date for the movie which is on March 20th, 2015! Get ready for more FEELS!

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