Sophomore Year, Here I Come

10:36 PM

Hey guys! Sup?
Just want to talk and do a lil update on my life because the last time I did that was probably years ago (or months ago?). So if you care about my life or probably just curious enough you can keep on reading.

It's been a week since finals. I'm currently on semester break because I have finished the first year of college. YAS! Meaning I have finished the freshman year, now I'm up to level 2: Sophomore here I come! I mean, It is great and all but gosh, time is surely went by real fast. It feels like just few days ago I talked about graduating high school and now I have finished the first year of college, WHAT?

So college is on break but there is no break for work, kiddos! Well, not that my work is putting me under pressure. Okay it actually gives me pressure but not my work demands that is giving me pressure, more like side things perhaps i'd call? The work demands also gives me a little pressure too, just little, but nothing serious enough to makes me kill myself (just kidding). Whatever that is, there is pressure every way we turn. And I wouldn't get into details, HA!

The thing I hate right now is how I almost never read again. I don't know what's wrong with me but I've been in the worst reading slump ever from the beginning of this year. I didn't finish any book ever this year started, not a single one! I really need to get back on reading because there are tons of books I need to read. GOD, HELP ME.

But instead I'm obsessed with TV shows. I'm catching up on Gossip Girl now (currently on season 2!). I enjoy this show very much. Other TV shows that I enjoy are Game of Thrones (LOVE THIS SHOW WITH ALL MY HEART), The 100, and Gotham. These 3 are my top favorite TV shows! If you are into Sci-Fi genre, go watch The 100. It's amazing! I'm addicted! If you're into Crime genre, go watch Gotham! I wouldn't say it is the smartest crime solving show ever but I enjoy it all the same.  And I don't care what genre you are into, you need to watch Game of Thrones my dear. You are seriously missing out if you don't! BUT I don't recommend the kids under age to watch that show because it fulls of nudity, profanity, violence and gore. And if you are into Dramas, duh, obviously go watch Gossip Girl.

And I think I grow a teeth in the very back of my gum which is really hurt. Bye for now!

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