My Days Off Work | Eid Mubarak 1437H

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Happy Eid Mubarak! Because Eid is a national holiday, the company I'm working at give me 10 days off. Which is not very common because from what I've seen, the other companies, like the ones my friends work at, gave their employees only a week off or even less.

For the first 2 days of my days off (July 4th-5th), I was so busy cleaning my house in preparation of Eid and barely have the time to do anything else. The next day; July 6th, is the first day of Eid! Some of my family was visiting me so I'm staying home. On July 7th, one of my mom's second cousin (oh yes my mom has a lot of cousins!) visited our house, and then they asked us to visit the other cousins together, also because those cousins aren't always staying here in the same city as my family does, so might as well visiting them while they're still staying here. That day is my favorite because I've got to see my family whom I hadn't seen in years! Anyway, I also stopped in a housing that has Amesterdam vibe, it said. They have cows and horses. The marketing office itself is so cool already. They had only build few houses, the rest is still in progress. (Check out my VLOG at the bottom of this post to get a peak of how the place is.)

The next day, on Saturday, I visited my aunt's house. My aunt is an animal lover and so there are so many animals in her house! From fish, chicken to cat! There are a lot of them! You can literally walk across cats everywhere you went in her house. A cat lady! 

After that, she asked us if we wanted to visit her field. She has a field not far from her house in which she plants fruits, flowers and also build houses! (Also can be seen on my VLOG at the bottom). 

After that, of course a girl needs her lunch!

NOW! Onto the best part. My VLOG!

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