You are the worst

8:29 PM

You were the worst friend that I ever had!
don't you know how much I hate you right now? no, no one even know about it. 
don't ask me why! go get a mirror! look at yourself!
I feel so regret cause I have being your friend! 

if you like my stuff, just tell me. don't ever say it was so ugly but at last? you buy the same things with me!
you said that my stuff isn't good but you always ask to borrow! you said you hate a friend but you like to beg them! THAT'S WHAT CALLED HYPOCRITE! 
not just that, you have a lot lot lot of bad attitude. 
you told us that all guys who you dating are because they like you. but the truth? you are the one who ask them to be yours. PERFECT LIAR!
and you are so bitch! you like all guys and you try to getting close with your friends's crush. omg you are not more than a SLUT! a cheap girl. you try to be cool but you look like a fool to me. hah!
you better shut up because it not going make a trouble than you just talking a lot it's make a lot of people include me more more hate you! like seriously!
don't disfigure your friends to others! i dont know how your brain works. you are so annoying, the most annoying friend that i ever had! NOTE IT!
stop saying that I make things just for getting attention from a guy that i really hate. you said i like that guy? can you SHUT THE FUCK UP? i never like that guy, i even hate him a lottttt! okay so don't talking too much it's make me more more and more hate you. you are a mess for me! get away!
and if i talking all about you it will never end of story! so i post the point. 
i hope you will getting far away with me as soon as possible, so i don't make a sin. AMEN!

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