Hell Dwelling

8:08 PM

The examinations never stop coming.
my brain is so sick of memorized those useless shit and that doesn't even make a sense, it doesnt make me anymore clever because they keep pressing, that's just gain my sin because almost on every test I cheating!
that isn't my fault! blame teacher for giving assignment and test all the time!
when i finished my last test, around 2 weeks ago and I STARTED THE NEW TEST PERIOD AGAIN!

I'm grade 9 and this year is my last year in niddle school, next year I'll face high school.
and you know what i'm scaring for? all my friends said that high school are more more more hard than middle school. and I think, right now has been so hard, how it will be on high school? *dead*
moreover, the graduate classes will have the added of lesson on January thrice a week OH MY GOD!
and we will have the more 1st test than another classes :'(
but the good news is after those crap we will have a longgggggggggg holidayyyyyyyyyyyyy!
hurayyy :D

and btw i getting bored with this school.
This is so right

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