Greyson Chance in INDONESIA!

2:00 PM

GREYSON CHANCE hold Indonesia flag!

On November 23 he had a showcase in Hard Rock cafe in Jakarta. 
I wish he came to Medan, my city. but I think he will never! how possibly he come to Medan, even this is his 1st time in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On November 24, he performed at The Hits Trans TV!
This video was the opening of The Hits Trans TV, he singing Unfriend You. My favorite song!
The hosts also asking him about Indonesia, he said he like to eat Fried Banana! or pisang goreng.
That girl who was crying at the live show is so lucky, get a hug by Greyson T_T

He is really really amazingg! my recent update on blackberry messenger and timeline on twitter are FULL OF HIS NAME! all people are praise him, they all said Greyson is really cute, adorable, awesome and many more ^^
I hope soon he come back to Indonesia when it's my holiday so I can force my parents to go to Jakarta.
I'm a greysonator since June 2011 (That was also the month he followed me on twitter)!

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