I hate knowing this

7:17 PM

"I hate all of you, I do. You're all fake, every single one of you. I always meet people and think they're different and I always end up getting slapped in the face. Every single one of you have let down at least once. Oh yeah and "BEST FRIEND" it's a fucking myth. That words mean shit to me"

I just notice that my pals aren't so loyal to me.
well yes,we're still close but i know i'm not so important to them.
if i'm not around, they'll just be okay.
i don't know what's wrong i've done, everyone makes mistakes and so are they.
thank you so much for everything. thanks for the madness, thanks for the rant when i'm talking slow, thanks for left me behind, thanks when i need your help and all of you can't help me moreover i try to always help you, thanks for ask me to shut up when i was talking or giving advices, thanks for not appreciate what i've done to you, thanks for you being rude when i talk to you. thank you so much! you all just really nice.
i can't say anything to you. if i started to talk about this i'm sure all of you will talk behind me. so all left for me to do is silent and wait for this time passed and having new life. if one of you read this i hope you won't started a fight with me, just solve it cold headed. i'm tired of fighting. 
i'm trying my best to keep our friendship, but it seems i'm the one who always try to keep it.

I''m just tired.

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